Magazine Contributors

article_writerThis part of website is used to allow contributors to upload articles for the magazine and to assist the volunteers who coordinate the production of the Hill and Valley Magazine.

It allow contributors to add articles through an online form.

In order to really help the magazine’s coordinators we do ask that articles are submitted:

  • Ideally are .doc or .docx files (usually created from Microsoft Word although other popular programmes will create this file type), unless you are submitting a full page poster e.g. for a Tennis Tournament or Village Hall concert in which case please submit a PDF file in A5 size.
  • Submit image files along with your text. The online form allows you to do so.
  • The magazine is in A5 format. Therefore it is really helpful for the Co-ordinators, who are not all computer experts, if you could create your document in A5 size, not A4, the latter is often the default page size for word processors such as Microsoft Word.

Contributors can also see a list of articles that have been submitted.

Previous versions of the newsletter will be available in PDF form.  If you haven’t already done do, this will need an appropriate piece of software to be down-loaded to your computer. Click here to download Adobe Reader.

If you have any problems using this system please use the Contact Us form to let us know.